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At Westside, our mission is to help young spirits, minds, and bodies begin to understand who God is and what His ultimate purpose for their lives might be. We do this through intentional and intimate discipleship. Westside teachers and staff treat every single student with love, respect, and attentiveness. Teenagers are capable of so much more than this world gives them credit for, and at Westside we realize the potential within every student to become a vehicle of Godly influence in the world around them now and in the future. 


Exceptional Education

Westside Christian High School is a community in the Portland-area that emphasizes a Christian worldview and quality academic instruction. For more than 40 years, Westside has been providing an excellent educational experience, offering excellent college prep academics that is enhanced by our comprehensive Concurrent College Credit Program and AP courses.  
-WCHS students' SAT scores are consistently among the highest in the state. On average, 95% or more of each year's graduating class is college-bound


Recent WCHS graduates have attended prestigious universities such as West Point, Vanderbilt, Biola, Pepperdine, USC, Baylor, the Naval Academy, and Wheaton. 95% of WCHS teachers have a master’s degree or their teaching credentials.


Intentional Discipleship

Our staff intentionally teaches through a Christian worldview lens in all academic and extra-curricular settings.
- Students learn to put their faith into action through frequent service projects.
- Westside Christian holds a weekly chapel for a time of corporate worship, reflection, and exhortation.
- Westside Christian’s Focus Group program purposely places a small group of students with an adult leader to nurture in a mentor-discipleship role.

Character and Leadership Development

Westside Christian emphasizes leadership development, providing multiple opportunities to learn and apply these skills both inside and outside the school community.
- Westside Christian students are strongly encouraged to participate in one group or team extracurricular activity each year. This student participation helps promote community, allows students to try something new, develop their character, and creates an opportunity to form new friendships among their peers.
- Students develop a heart of compassion as they serve in their community. 
- Students participate in a multi-year program that helps them discover their passions and gifts, culminating in a personal service-learning project in Bible class during their senior year.